Days of Mars


Days of Mars details a series of works that interprets themes relating to gravitational ebbs, flows, currents, clusters and tides. As the name of the exhibition suggests, the planet Mars undeniably plays a central role in the psyche of our existence since ancient times and even more so currently. In popular culture Mars dominates in the form of fictional literature, movies and online media. In other realities Mars looms as the next frontier, exciting our attention towards the possibility of being able to contain life and open the way to the colonization of the planet by our species. Undeniably, Mars remains distant, lifeless and totally at odds with our aspirations, however, it would be pertinent to say that the “Effect of Mars” directly correlates to the events that take place in our everyday lives.


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Indra’s Net

Indra’s Net:

Reaching into all dimensions and spreading out endlessly, it connects everything.

In all ‘forms of state’ it is forever lasting, rippling and shimmering.

A millisecond or a trillion earth years, all timelessly interlaced.

From the breadth of atomic nuclei to the endlessly expanding lengths of countless universes, all in an instant forever encompassing, here and there now and then.

The future, past and present all together, simultaneously not existing.

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gotta do it!

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